Shipping method

How is my order shipped?

It’s shipped via regular mail (some larger orders via UPS or other couriers). If you want us to use a specific service, you are advised to contact, but extra charges might apply.

How much is shipping?

Shipping to EU countries and UK

  • 7 euros for 1 book
  • 10 euros for 2 or more books

Shipping to USA and the rest of Europe (non-EU)

  • 10 euros for 1 book
  • 20 euros for 2 books
  • 30 euros for 3 books
  • 40 euros for 4 or more books

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand

  • 55 euros for 1 or more books

Shipping to the rest of the world (including Canada, South America etc.)

  • 20 euros for 1 book
  • 30 euros for 2 books
  • 40 euros for 3 books
  • 50 euros for 4 or more books

note: It is the customers responsibility to provide a full and correct address, e-mail and phone number. Any problems arising from these details being incorrect is not the responsibility of Quality Chess UK Ltd

Are the international shipping rates the same for the Hardcover books?


I live in the US. Why can't I get the books at the same time as in Europe?

The answer has two parts.

Firstly, the books have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to make it to our main US distributor. It takes about a month at best. Then the books have to be sent to other wholesalers and distributors. It all takes time.

Secondly, we are trying to make our books available at the same time. We have partnered up with Chess4Less, Books from Europe, and USCF Chess Sales to get the books to the US with air freight, available to the public at publication (excluding hardback editions in the latter case). 

We are of course very happy to send books to our US customers directly, but we recommend getting them from these chess specialists!